David Wilson Industries


David Wilson Industries was conceived from my lifelong involvement with the bicycle. My bike shop experience began in 1987 as an assembler/mechanic. Since then, I have worked and ridden all over the US as a shop mechanic, service manager, bike courier, race team mechanic and framebuilder, gaining valuable experience in a variety of terrains and conditions. From tricycles to Stingrays, from 10-speeds to BMX, from road racing bikes to mountain bikes, and cruisers to cargo bikes; I've ridden them all and am dedicated to sharing the joys and educating the auto-bound about the most efficient vehicle humans ever created. The time is ripe for elevating the bicycle back to a position of prominence in the US transportation system, and DWI will strive to offer two (and maybe three) wheeled alternatives to the automobile including several models of cargo bicycle and comfortable, efficient city bikes. I am very interested in the impact we humans have on our environment and believe we can minimize this impact by getting away from our dependence on oil with human power. The bicycle's inherent reparability (in steel) also gives us an opportunity to conserve resources by keeping bikes on the road that may otherwise be destined for the landfill. With this goal in mind, DWI offers a full range of bicycle and vintage motorcycle frame repair and restoration with an eye toward historical accuracy; preserving the past while looking to the future.